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What are the differences between health insurance and corporate health insurance?


Even if they have similar purposes the Health Plan and Corporate Health Insurance are not the same thing, the two services are a little different and you will understand more about it below.

Offering benefits to your employees is a great thing for companies to show recognition as well, to improve the relationship with their contractors. When it comes to health coverage, plans and insurance are always mentioned. But it turns out that there are still doubts between health insurance and health insurance, this even catches many unprepared entrepreneurs, in a way.

Any of the services are good and bring many benefits to your company. However, it is necessary that you understand a lot the differences that exist between each of them in this way to know how to hire the one that best suits the profile of your business and the needs of your employees.

In the course of this article will be explained some of this to you. Let’s define what a business health plan and business health insurance really is. In addition, you will see the advantages of each of them, so that with this you can make the best decision.

What is health insurance and how does health insurance work?

Corporate Health Insurance is nothing more than a contract for hospital, medical and dental coverage that the entrepreneur can hire and offer to his employees.

Health Insurance has the kind of coverage that is practically a reimbursement of possible medical expenses. Because the employee whenever he needs, can seek medical help and, after treatment, consultation or any other service, you must present some documents to request reimbursement of expenses.

In most companies this process is quite simple, it is only necessary that the insured presents the invoice of the services. however, always try to find out if in your company does not use other rules, So as not to go through problems in receiving the amount invested.

What is and how does health insurance work?

The Business Health Plan also functions as a medical coverage contract. But in this case, the employee will not need to pay for the expenses generated by consultations, treatments and hospitalizations, there are few cases where the company will offer a plan for co-participation.

The Health Plan has as type of coverage of the plan a very large variable. For this reason knowing what to do to hire a Business Health Plan is very important. Because this prevents you from hiring a service with more coverage or less coverage than you need. Going on to pay more for a plan that contains advantages that you do not use.

See what are the differences between Health Insurance and Health Insurance

Knowing that you have carefully read the above information, you have probably noticed that there are some differences between Health Insurance and Business Health Plan. But we don’t believe it’s clear, and we highlight some points that will help you to better understand each of the services.


Coverage may be the great differential between Health Insurance and the Corporate Health Plan. As mentioned above, the Insurance and the Plan offer dental, medical and hospital coverage, but in the case of insurance, the insured must pay all the treatment so that he will then ask for reimbursement.

In the case of the Health Plan, the member does not need to pay anything to have the service, or will pay a percentage discounted directly in sheet, for companies that offer plans for co-participation. This is considered a great advantage, since not everyone is able to have a financial reserve for emergencies and this can directly compromise your team.


The service is one more difference. The Health Plan has a team of accredited physicians and in some cases, they have their own hospital or clinic. In the case of Health Insurance, it works with a referenced network of clinics, hospitals and physicians.

This makes access to health care so easy, as there will not always be doctors available in the city where the employee is, and this is a very important point for those employees who need to make corporate trips.

Financial Impact

If you understand well what has been explained so far, it will be easy to understand that the financial impact of health insurance is much greater. The company pays for each employee and has no change in value that changes according to the size of the business. 

On the other, the Health Plan has its operation in a totally different way. In it the entrepreneur can offer very affordable contracts, as is the case in collective health plans, and with this is greatly reduced the value of investment.

The Business Health Plan is also often much more accessible. For those who are individual micro-entrepreneur, for example, can hire a health plan for MEI, with much less bureaucracy and has up to 35% discount on individual plans.

How to know which is best for your company?

This is a very subjective question, because we would need to have knowledge on a case-by-case basis and analyze by parts. But surely, you must have understood that the two services are quite different, even if they have similar purposes. 

Some hypotheses need to be considered. The profile of your employees and their general needs top the list. Also take into account the scope of the services.

The Business Health Plan also allows you to save money. The variables of coverage, size of the company, minimum amount of lives and odour can cause the value of the plan to fall a lot, thus making it much more advantageous, especially for those who are still a small business owner and who thinks about the well-being of their team, thus seeking to bring advantages to offer them.

One service does not cancel or cancel the other. However, your goals are quite different for your employees. Therefore, the constant coverage offered and the easy accessibility in the care of health plans make it a better service for use.

We hope our article has helped you further in this topic. To always stay on top of news, visit our other posts and share with your friends and on your social networks.

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